Hand Thrown Colourful Bowls

I especially love making bowls on the potters wheel. 

It is so rewarding to throw a ball of clay onto the wheel and with only hands and water to see it emerge as a bowl

Teal fruit bowl, the holes help to keep the fruit fresh.

Finished Bowls

Blue speckle pasta bowls

Stoneware pasta bowls

Stormy Leaf Stoneware Bowl 24cms x 14cms

Stormy leaf Stoneware Bowl

Oceans Celtic Stoneware Bowl 25cms x 9cms

Oceans Celtic Stoneware Bowl

Teal Harlequin Bowl 25cms x 9cms

Teal Harlequin Bowl

Oceans Strawberry Fruit Bowl & Plate €35. Bowl 18cms x 7cms . Plate 15cms x 2cms

Oceans Strawberry Fruit Bowl

Fishes & Lobester Bowl 22cms x 8 cms €35

Fish & Lobster Bowl

Celtic Pie Dish 26cms x 7cms

Celtic Pie Dish

Red Harlequin bowl 24cms x 9cms €40

Red Harlequin Bowl

Tourquise Chestnut Bowl 27cms x 10cms

Turquoise Chestnut Bowl